2023 Grants Presented At Roncalli College

At the invitation of Principal, Chris Comeau, Trust Chair Gordon Noble-Campbell visited Roncalli College on 9 June, to present the 2023 grant awards to Dorothy Wilson and Trey Cosgrave in front of a school assembly.

(Trust Chair, Gordon Noble-Campbell)

Noting that that the Trust acknowledged and assisted excellence among students in schools, on behalf of the Trustees, Noble-Campbell congratulated the grant recipients, acknowledging their focus on education, their personal qualities and their contribution to the cultural and spiritual life of Roncalli College community.

(Trey Cosgrave and Dorothy Wilson)

An article was subsequently published in the Timaru Herald concerning the grants, which you can read here. An update was also provided to Roncalli College’s alumni, which can be read here.

(Published : 18/06/23)