Trust Makes Grant For Ukrainian Orphans

The Trustees of the Ogonowska Education Charitable Trust have agreed to make a grant to the New Zealand Red Cross’ Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal in support of children displaced by the war in Ukraine.

The International Committee of the Red Cross was instrumental in bringing the Ogonowska sisters safely to New Zealand from Tehran nearly 80 years ago as orphans (in 1944) and today is working closely with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society to provide emergency assistance to all those affected by the war in Ukraine.

The Ogonowska sisters’ family lived 200 kilometres north of the current Ukrainian border, before being deported 1,700 kilometres to Yeglets, in Siberia by the Soviet Red Army in 1940.

The evacuation of orphans to places of refuge away from the war’s frontlines is a priority for the Ukrainian government and the Trustees hope that their support demonstrates the solidarity between the Polish and Ukrainian people, many of whom share a common heritage.

(Published : 12/03/22)