St. Mary's School Receives Inaugural Grant

The Trustees are happy to announce that St Mary’s School, Christchurch is the first recipient of a Trust grant to meet the 2022 attendance fees of a student nominated by the school. “St Mary’s School is grateful to receive support from the Trust“, says David O’Neill principal of St Mary’s. “Many migrant families have struggled with the impact of the COVID pandemic on employment and the grant from the Trust means that one of our deserving students, Han Nguyen, can continue with her education at St Mary’s school.”

Trust Chairperson, Gordon Noble-Campbell was inspired by his mother Teresa Ogonowska’s childhood journey of survival and her commitment to teaching in New Zealand, in his quest to establish the Ogonowska Education Charitable Trust. “My mother Teresa and her sister Irena were among the Polish children who were offered a safe and secure home in New Zealand in 1944“, he says. “Both my mother and her sister were life-long teachers and recognised the importance of education in providing young people with a sense of place in their communities and in laying the groundwork for their adult lives."

The Rev. Theophilus Le Menant de Chesnais (Society of Mary), born in Brittany, was appointed Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Church in 1889 and established the original parish school in 1894, inviting the Sisters of Mercy to undertake the role of teachers to the young students. While the school has subsequently relocated, it continues its tradition of values-based education, after 127 years.

(Published : 14/12/21)